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Pellets or fuel pellets - a pressed wood product made from dry coniferous wood chips, pellet size: diameter 6 mm, length 30-40 mm. The raw materials used for the manufacture of pellets are supplied to production from ecologically clean forests 

Coniferous woods are excellent raw materials for the production of pellets. By their energy characteristics, wood pellets are not inferior to traditional types of fuel: natural gas, coal and oil, ahead of them with a lower price, and the ecological parameters of pellets are generally out of competition.

  • High heat output compared to other fuels;

  • Almost complete combustion of the product, ash content less than 0.3%;

  • High bulk weight and packing in a convenient variety of containers;

  • The minimum area of ​​warehouses for storing pellets is several times less than warehouses for storing other types of fuel;

  • Fire safety - do not contain dust, therefore they do not ignite;

  • The material is biologically inactive, it can be stored next to living quarters and utility rooms;

  • Pellets do not cause allergic reactions in humans and animals;

  • Existing boilers can be easily converted for new fuel;

  • Do not harm the environment;

  • The residue after combustion can serve as a fertilizer for the garden and plants;


One ton contains 1.3 cubic meters. wood pellets, the
combustion of which releases 
5000 kW of energy 

The same amount of fuel energy is released during combustion:
500 liters. diesel fuel685 l. fuel oil1.6 tons of firewood


The main consumers of fuel pellets pellets


  • Large and medium-sized power plants CHP

  • District and local boiler houses and CHPPs of small and medium capacity

  • Companies or individuals supplying industrial enterprises

    Pellets from SOLWOOD wholesale


  • The production has passed the certification procedure according to the ENplus standard and produces granules of the ENplus A1 class.

  • Fuel pellets are supplied from the factory in any quantity on favorable terms. A reliable supplier all year round.

  • Sales are carried out in bulk, the minimum batch is 40 tons and more.

  • We works on the supply of pellets mainlyin the B2B (business-to-business) segment with companies, organizations and enterprises.

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