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The fachwerk technology, or otherwise, the frame construction, originated in Germany around the 12th century. 

With this design, the building is supported by vertically installed supporting pillars with inclined spacer beams. These supporting pillars and beams are visible from the outside of the house and give the building its distinctive appearance. 


With the development of our new woodworking technologies, this style is experiencing a new heyday.

The frame structure of the house makes it possible to easily implement almost any wishes of the customer regarding the architecture and layout of the future house, and if necessary, even after the completion of construction, to redevelop the  premises at the lowest cost. 

The actual absence of shrinkage due to our material makes it  possible to use any finishing materials for filling walls, making floors and ceilings. 

And the high load-bearing capacity of the glued structures of the house allows the production of interfloor ceilings from monolithic reinforced concrete, if necessary.

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