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Advantages of a house made of laminated veneer lumber
over other house building technologies


The construction period of a house from glued beams is much shorter than the construction period of a house being built using other construction technologies. Installation of a house of glued timber with an area of ​​250 m2 on a finished foundation is 3-4 weeks. A house made of glued timber is pre-shrunk does not require time for further “shrinkage” (“shrinkage” is on average 1%). This advantage allows you to start finishing work immediately after the installation of walls and supporting structures and build houses at any time of the year.




High surface quality and aesthetic characteristics of laminated veneer lumber make it possible to almost completely abandon the use of finishing materials. In the interior of the house, glued laminated timber is universal: you can leave the natural texture of the timber using glazing compounds or paint the walls in any shade using a covering paint material.


Precision of log cutting with modern production facilities and the compact gluing prevents air exchange and blowing. The wooden walls of the house accumulate warm air and evenly distribute it indoors, maintaining an optimal balance of temperature and humidity. In winter, such a building can be heated quickly and easily, and in summer it is never too hot here. Therefore, houses made of our glued beams are ideal for both permanent residence and seasonal recreation




Glued laminated timber is stronger than solid wood. This is due to the peculiarities of gluing individual lamellas and their subsequent pressing, which help to achieve maximum strength and avoid the phenomenon natural for solid wood - internal stress, which eventually leads to deformation (warping (twisting) of the material and the appearance of radial cracks). And any deformation entails an inevitable deterioration of thermal conductivity and acceleration of wood destruction processes. Due to this, the wooden structures of the house made of laminated veneer lumber have the correct geometry, and the bearing capacity of the structure increases.

Fire safety of a glued beam house The fire resistance of glued beams is an order of magnitude higher than in other technologies of wooden housing construction and even in metal structures. When ignited, the metal becomes ductile, loses strength characteristics, which leads to the destruction of the structure.

Houses built from aerated concrete, or, for example, foam blocks, begin to collapse in a fire. What can not be said about glued beams - its thermal conductivity is such that the log, blazing on one side, practically does not heat up on the other.


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